The first step is all about information gathering. This is where we connect to have conversations about your goals, motivations, timeline, and most importantly what makes your house unique. We will discuss emerging market trends, and if now is the right time to sell.


Here we will evaluate the strengths of your home, along with its location and where it lands in today’s market. We also dig deeper by starting to look at the demographics of who lives in your area, and who is most likely to purchase your home. 


This is the step that sets me apart from others – creating a marketing plan that focuses on stunning photography, immersive video, and legendary social media content. The best part – I do it all myself for the sole purpose of creating one unified message, unique for your home, and designed to inspire action from our target buyers.


Now that we have the trends, the target market, and the content, it’s time to show it off.  Using a deep analysis into the current advertising landscape, I’m able to connect your home to the right people, using the right channels, with perfect timing. 


Once we get one (or more) offers, it’s time to make a decision. Together, we will review the offers, match them up to your initial goals, and negotiate hard to make sure you’re where you want to be. But it doesn’t end there. Post-offer, and even post-closing, I’m there to offer my experience, knowledge, and advice in any situation that may arise.

Happy Sellers.

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