I’m Adam, a forward thinking Realtor®.

I'm Adam Haight, a broker with Re/Max Crown, born and raised in the wonderful city of Sudbury, and proudly serving our community since 2006.

I’ve always been a dreamer. Since I was a young Sudburian, I was always the kid who questioned things, asking why something was the way it was, and thinking up ways to make it better. A lot of this thinking was done spending weekends with my family exploring at Science North, or wandering through Bell Park… let’s face it, I’ve always been in love with Sudbury. Fast forward to today, and I’m still a dreamer in love with our city…and it shows through my real estate business. I’m constantly looking to set the bar higher with the how we, as Realtors in Sudbury, do business. I strive to create unique opportunities, learn new skills rather than delegating, and am always attentive to my client needs. My ambition is to provide a real estate service unlike any other available, all while being an advocate for local business, and a stronger community. 

core values.

these are the building blocks that my real estate business is built on.

Respond to every client request like it's the most important thing on their mind. It probably is.
Help weave the fabric of a stronger Sudbury.
Keep doing what you love while never becoming stagnant.
Nothing can happen without those who choose you.
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