Creative Marketing.
(It Works)

In a world where homes battle for attention, creative marketing is our ultimate superpower. 

For nearly two decades, we have taken the “outside the box” approach when it comes to marketing, crafting truly bespoke strategies as unique as each listing, all aimed getting the job done right – faster than a speeding bullet.

Just One Contact

We help  you navigate your real estate journey with the ease and confidence of having a superhero by your side. From the creation of legendary social media content, premium imaging, epic video productions, and more, every aspect is masterfully handled in-house. This means we are your steadfast guide, your sole beacon of communication and coordination, ensuring a seamless, integrated experience. In a world where complexity can be overwhelming, we simplify, standing as your singular contact, ensuring every detail is perfect, just as it should be.

Right On Target

We dive deep to understand exactly who is most likely to fall in love with your home. We’re not just casting our nets wide; we’re fishing with precision. By focusing our marketing efforts on where your ideal buyers are, we make sure your property doesn’t just get seen—it gets noticed by the right people. It’s about smart targeting, ensuring our efforts hit the bullseye, making the selling process as efficient and effective as possible.

Legendary Social

In the dynamic realm of social media, our content creation is nothing short of legendary. Tailoring each post to showcase the unique essence of every property, we craft captivating stories that soar across platforms, engaging potential buyers with the magnetic allure of your home. Like vigilant guardians of your property’s narrative, we ensure every angle is explored, every story told.

Premium Imaging

With meticulous attention to detail, our premium imaging sets the standard for excellence.  We capture your home in its best light, ensuring every photo is a masterpiece. And if it’s not, because we shoot it all ourselves, rest assured we will recalibrate, reshoot, and get it right – guaranteed. 

Epic Video

Our epic video tours are a cinematic adventure, weaving high-end drone footage with groundbreaking creative effects that capture the imagination. More than just a tour, each video is a blockbuster production, showcasing your home in an unforgettable light that demands attention. Where most agents stop at the basics, we push the boundaries, turning eyes into offers.

Crown Power

Standing at the pinnacle of Sudbury’s largest brokerage, The Re/Max Crown network is our superpower, connecting us to an unparalleled assembly of over 100 high-end Realtors®. This vast network amplifies our reach, weaving a web of opportunities and connections that position your home on a pedestal, visible to an elite audience of potential buyers and industry influencers.

Get a "Supercharged" home analysis.

More than just a report with a few comparable homes, our “supercharged” version boasts details to help you really wrap your head around what you can expect when selling, including neighbourhood trends, hidden features and potential pitfalls, and much more!

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