Hello, Neighbour.

You’ve stumbled upon the best-kept secret in our beloved city, and we’re thrilled to share it with you! Since making Cedargreen our home in 2008, we’ve discovered its unique charm and the unbeatable sense of community that makes it truly special.

With a deep-rooted love for this neighborhood, we bring an insider’s advantage to the real estate game here in Cedargreen. It’s not just about selling homes for us; it’s about sharing the culture, community, and countless benefits that only locals know.

But let’s turn the spotlight on you for a moment. How well do you think you know Cedargreen? Dive in to uncover the hidden treasures of our neighbourhood.

Do You Know Cedargreen?

Test out your local knowledge with these six questions. Only the truest of Cedargreen-ites will get them all correct. 

The first few homes on Cedargreen drive were built  starting in 1996. Since then major expansions occurred in 2005 with the start of Oakdale and Ashgrove, 2008 with the continuation of those streets, and 2012 with most of the work occurring on Springhill and Racicot.

Early on, Dalron built the majority of homes, but with the 2005, 2008 and 2012 expansion it was a builder named Lifestyle Homes that did the heavy lifting. Overall Lifestyle was the primary builder in our neighbourhood.

If you said under, you’re right. The average sale price in our area was $442,801 in 2023…pretty much right on par with the rest of the market. 

It has two. One long fast one that’s irresistible to climb up, and the other short bumpy one that hurts your back to slide down if you’re over 40.

The answer is Lorne Brady park. It features 3 ball diamonds, some informal walking trails, and a newly renovated pickleball/tennis court!

It’s called “Cedargreen-Racicot Friends and Neighbours” and it’s full of great people, good conversations, and hilarious videos of bears eating garbage in the Spring.

Fun Facts.



Changed hands in 2023.

$ 0 k


Sale price of homes in Cedargreen in 2023.

0 %


Amount of list price sellers got in Cedargreen in 2023.



Average time to sell in Cedargreen in 2023.


Wonderful people live in our neighbourhood.


Of those people are female.


Are aged between 20-44.


Of the occupants own  vs rent.


Identify English as their primary language.


Are listed as employed.


Approximate average household income.

Family Mode

Our dominant demographic, indicating “Suburban, upscale middle-aged families”

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