My photography style starts by presenting bright, airy rooms from multiple angles, then evolves to focus on the finer details of the home. I'll use a variety of lenses to capture both wide-angle and feature shots while leaning on my years of experience knowing exactly what buyers want to see. 


Part of displaying a welcoming feel of a home is making sure the lighting is just right. While I always prefer to use natural light, I also will compensate with off-camera flash techniques to make sure no detail is missed. 


After the shoot is complete, it's time to make sure every shot looks stunning. Using the impressive Adobe CC suite, my focus is to tell a unified story with the pictures...the consistency of colours, light, detail, style, and the (oft-overlooked) order of the pictures, all play a role in the end product. 



My video creation process is inspired by the indie film community. What I love most about those films is the ability to tell a story on a personal level. I strive to capture the life of your home by highlighting everything from the main features to the smallest details and display it to the audience in a way that makes them feel connected.


The first task is establishing the unique tone that compliments your home. Maybe it’s a modern new-build that lends itself to quick movements and upbeat music. Or perhaps it’s a gorgeous character home that demands more attention to the sophisticated detail. Whatever the case, finding and capturing that tone is essential to creating a quality real estate video. 


Any filmmaker will tell you that capturing the footage is only half the battle. Once that footage gets on screen, it’s time to trim, slow down, speed up, colour grade, transition, and set the whole thing to the perfect soundtrack. The end result is a beautiful film-like story about everything your home has to offer. 


In order to capture immersive footage, I’ve outfitted myself with a high-quality camera, several lenses, and an incredibly stable professional gimbal to make sure each shot is silky smooth. Complimenting this setup is one of the most innovative drones on the market to get jaw-dropping aerials, and stunning glide shots from every angle.   


Somewhere between pictures and videos, lies 3D. Armed with a high-quality 3D camera, and the powerful Matterport suite of services, my listings are further intensified with visual 3D models, allowing potential buyers to virtually walk through the property before seeing it in person.



There is an incredible amount of research on social media strategy - so much that people have made careers on advice alone - and I've probably read most of it. When it comes to presenting your home, it all boils down to content, target market, and timing. That is to say, displaying a creative post, at the best possible time of day, on the right social network. 


Forget templated material, when it comes to social media, creativity is king. Selling real estate on social is no different. Each house is unique, so why shouldn't the content about it be too? Using professional creative software, my intention is to capitalize on the latest design trends, and spin it toward uniquely original social posts about your property aimed at turning heads and inspiring action. 


11 PM on a Wednesday, or 5 AM on a Friday? Did you know that when you post is almost as important as what you post? And it changes depending on the day, type of content, and social network. The good news is that I’ve got a cheat-sheet (from research and local experience) and the tools needed to capitalize on those times 24/7.


With the right content in place, it’s time to figure out who should see it. As a part of my selling blueprint, I’ll help identify the most likely buyers for your home. From there it’s all about the right platform…Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok…relax, I got it all covered.

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