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Does my bank require a home inspection?

Nope, typically they do not. An inspection is designed to point out any deficiencies in the home for the buyer to determine if the house is sound enough for them to purchase. Banks rarely focus on inspection items, unless a request for funds to correct issues is made on top of the initial montage.

What’s a “bully offer”?

This one is important for both buyers and sellers to understand. When the market leans to the sellers side heavily, often sellers will consider holding out on offer presentations until a certain date and time in order to gain as much interest as possible, and create a multiple offer situation (or “bidding war”). A “bully

Why use one Realtor®? Why not just call the one on the sign?

Opting for your own buyer’s agent instead of the listing agent on the sign ensures you have dedicated representation that prioritizes your interests. A buyer’s agent is committed to finding you the best property at the best price, providing personalized advice, and negotiating on your behalf with your needs as their top priority. In contrast,

How can I get “super prepared” for the home-buying process?

Be proactive with your paperwork and stay in constant communication with your realtor and lender. Having a mortgage pre-approval and a flexible schedule for viewings can also expedite the process. We also recommend looking well before you start actively shopping. Having an idea of what houses are selling for, and what the market is doing,

Can a Realtor® Sell a Private Listing?

We get this one a lot. The answer, fortunately is yes, as long as the private seller agrees (they normally do). Often private sellers are happy to hear that a Realtor® has an interested client. Usually it indicates that there is a professional who has vetted their buyer, done some research and are ready to

What’s the secret to winning a bidding war?

Stand out by writing a personal letter to the seller, explaining why you love the home. Financially, make sure your offer is as clean as possible, with minimal conditions. A larger earnest money deposit can also show you’re serious. Try and line up timelines with seller expectations, and consider bending on things like appliances if

How do I know if I’m getting a good deal?

Beyond comparing the price with other homes in the area, consider the home’s potential for appreciation. Trending and up and coming areas can lead to opportunities that established neighbourhoods just can’t provide. Look into upcoming infrastructure projects or developments that might increase property values. A good deal today might become a great investment tomorrow.

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