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Should I disclose any issues, or try and cover them?

Yep, we get this one too. Disclose, always. Over nearly 20 years of seeing deals, we can definitively tell you that honesty is indeed the best policy. Where possible, even if the issue is not fixed, providing as much information as possible, including quotes to repair, inspections, and any other relevant items is often the

There’s a rock in my basement…is that ok?

Welcome to Sudbury my friends. Houses here are often built on bedrock, and it’s not terribly uncommon to see some of that bedrock poking out in the basement. With that bedrock almost always comes a trickle or two of water (it’s near impossible to seal a foundation around a non-uniform piece of bedrock) First, it’s

Does my bank require a home inspection?

Nope, typically they do not. An inspection is designed to point out any deficiencies in the home for the buyer to determine if the house is sound enough for them to purchase. Banks rarely focus on inspection items, unless a request for funds to correct issues is made on top of the initial montage.

How to “multiple offers” work?

Multiple offers occur when more than one buyer makes an offer on your property at the same time. These are sometimes called “bidding wars”. Expect buyers to come in with their best foot forward, meaning they often will come in at their highest price, with as few conditions as possible, and offering other incentives like

What’s a “bully offer”?

This one is important for both buyers and sellers to understand. When the market leans to the sellers side heavily, often sellers will consider holding out on offer presentations until a certain date and time in order to gain as much interest as possible, and create a multiple offer situation (or “bidding war”). A “bully

If I list my home and I get an offer, do I have to sell it?

Maybe surprisingly, we get this one a lot. There may be a misconception that if someone offers full price, that the seller is obligated to accept. This is not the case. Even if someone offers $2M for a $500k house, the seller is never obligated to accept an offer.

How exactly do you price a home?

The most common method is to look for comparable homes that have sold in the area, and adjust accordingly for pros/cons that your home may have. The savvy Realtor® will do a bit more though. Looking into trends and forecasting prices, economic conditions, supply and demand in particular areas and for particular types of homes,

What should I do to improve my house before selling?

Oh to renovate, or not to renovate…that is indeed the question that we probably get asked most. Short answer, “probably not”, but a more accurate answer would be “it depends”. Most of the time your house is probably best left without major renos. A simple declutter, cleaning, and often a paint job will do the

When is the best time to list my home?

Glad you asked…We’ve done extensive research about this and determined that around the 3rd week of May is ideal in the Sudbury market. However, a more general response say anywhere from mid-April to late July is best. We often see another bump in October/November that is worth considering.

What Does it Cost to Sell My Home?

The standard commission rate in our market is typically 5%. This commission covers a range of critical services, including professional market analysis to price your home competitively, strategic marketing to reach potential buyers across multiple platforms, professional photography and video, social media creation and administration, advice to showcase your home in its best light, and

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