What should I do to improve my house before selling?

Oh to renovate, or not to renovate…that is indeed the question that we probably get asked most. Short answer, “probably not”, but a more accurate answer would be “it depends”.

Most of the time your house is probably best left without major renos. A simple declutter, cleaning, and often a paint job will do the trick to increase value. However, there are circumstances when a renovation may net a significant gain.

For example, a smaller house with an unfinished basement that would dramatically increase the living space, might be worth finishing. Or a house that is modern throughout, but has a 1960s bathroom with a purple bathtub is probably worth sinking the extra money to bring it up to the rest of the home.

End of the day, it’s not a straightforward answer, but it’s one that we can answer definitively with a quick visit!

What's Your Home Worth?

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