First founded in 1893, and named after Sudbury, Suffolk in England, our city has morphed into the largest community in Northern Ontario…a bustling hub of business, education, retail, and of course, the great outdoors.

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Although we are considered to be “Northern Ontario” geographically we are more in the middle of the province. About two hours east of Lake Huron, and a quick 3-4 hour drive to the Greater Toronto Area, Sudbury has established itself as a jump-off point to the North, while being easily in reach to all that Southern Ontario has to offer.

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While Sudbury boasts all the fantastic “big-city” amenities like film & theatre, foodie approved restaurants, shopping, and sports, it’s still not so big that you don’t know your neighbours. With a population hovering around 170,000 spread over a massive 3200 km², it really is the best of both worlds.


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When a meteor carved out the Sudbury basin over 1.8 billion years ago, it left behind a thriving mining industry that still is the core of our city today. But over the years we have evolved to include a first-class health care facility which includes learning and research initiatives, four highly regarded post-secondary and graduate institutions, a thriving retail sector, and tons of opportunity. 

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From the outdoorsy Lively area, to the character homes of the Hospital Area, to the urban hustle of Uptown, there is literally a community for every lifestyle. Keep scrolling to learn about each of our unique communities, and see which one fits you best.


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